Laundry Lives - Selected Clips

On this page are a series of clips from Laundry Lives that we have found particularly useful and interesting to show in presentations and in teaching.

They raise issues and questions about the assumptions that we make (what we think we know but do not necessarily know), cultural and individual specificity and contingency, the kinds of everyday challenges that people might face, forms of everyday improvisation and the range of solutions that people find to practical everyday problems.


Please note that we have made these videos available to use and view online, but that permission from the Laundry Lives project team is required for any of these videos to be downloaded or used for any other purpose.

Clip: #1

Duration: 00:38

Everyday challenges can make it difficult to carry out domestic tasks in the most environmentally friendly ways.

Clip: #2

Duration: 00:31

Low tech solutions make viable ways of dealing with everyday needs sustainably.

CLIP: #3

Duration: 01:18

Sometimes technologies are adapted to suit local approaches to everyday tasks.

CLIP: #4

Duration: 01:38

The participants tell us about what they hope for, aspire to and imagine for their futures.

CLIP: #5

Duration: 01:15

Water, everyday routines and other contingencies come together to invite innovative solutions.

CLIP: #6

Duration: 00:35

For some people the solution is to use a local laundry service.